Laboratory Testing



Using DNA technology with Genesight testing we are able to determine which psychiatric medication metabolizes best for you.  This helps find the right treatment faster.

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Food allergies can cause many hidden symptoms. Gluten allergy has even been known to cause psychosis especially in children.

Examining food allergies, celiac disease and environmental pollutants can be helpful is evaluating a person's illness.

Micronutrient and Thyroid Testing


Anxiety and depression can often be treated with restoring basic vitamins.  We test all nutrient levels and also include an in

depth thyroid panel to rule out underlying illness.

Neurodevelopmental Disabilities


Chromosomal microarray studies can detect up to 98% of all syndromes and conditions.  This allows us to identify and surveil comorbidities associated with a specific conditions. We can then tailor medications to each person using DNA to decide the medication regimen. 

MRI CT Scan and PET Scan


Often times if a patient is exhibiting unusual patterns of neurological disease, imaging the patient for tumors and plaques can be helpful.  History of head trauma is often related to psychiatric disease and must be assessed. 

MTFHR and Genetic Testing


MTFHR can contribute to many problems. Genetic tests can also reveal unknown factors that predispose a person to illness.